Harbormaster Marine Inc.


Murray & Tregurtha, Inc. was founded in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area by Messrs. Murray and Tregurtha, who were engineers of Scottish descent. Company purpose was to manufacture steam powered marine propulsion systems.
Company pioneered the design and building of gasoline marine propulsion engines that remained in production until 1937.
At the request of the U.S. Navy, Murray & Tregurtha developed a self contained 360 degree steerable Marine Outboard Drive Propulsion System. During World War II, these units were used extensively by the U.S. military on self-propelled barges. Many of these units continue in service with worldwide commercial and military marine operators.
Murray & Tregurtha became affiliated with Mathewson Machine Works, Quincy, Massachusetts.
Murray & Tregurtha / Mathewson using the successfully developed outboard drive technology, designed and commenced to build heavy-duty, commercially acceptable Tunnel Thrusters, utilizing Kaplan type propellers.
Harbormaster registered trademark was established by Murray & Tregurtha / Mathewson.
Harbormaster designed and built the first through-hull 360 degree azimuth thrusters for tug boat applications.
Harbormaster Marine, Inc., in Livonia, Michigan, acquired the assets of the Harbormaster Division of Mathewson Corporation.