MTU Industrial Engines

MTU S60 Industrial Engines
373 hp – 615 hp

MTU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines for industrial and oil and gas industry. MTU Diesel Series 60 Engine is a 6 cylinder four cycle diesel engine, available in 12.7 L and 14.00 L. Bore ranges from 130 mm up to 160 mm, Stroke ranges from 133 mm up to 160 mm. Maximum engine speed is 2300 rpm.

Typical industrial engine applications are mud pumps, oil field equipment, compressors, cranes, construction machinery and fire fighting Trucks.

The ELECTRONIC CONTROL system has enabled the operator to download periodical engine management reports that would record the use of the engine, excessive idle time, and other parameters, that would assist owners to reduce engine abuse and decrease fuel consumption.

It is a standard that allows owners to trouble shoot problems with their engines, and also permitted changes to horsepower settings, and in some cases, alternative programs were able to be loaded into the computer.

It was particularly easy to operate, and diagnostic functions were able to be displayed to the operator, who is able to gain basic diagnostic functions via Electronic Display modules.